Like waves of the water, “The Darkness Will Understand”, Leila Samarrai

When will the nothingness begin
When will we hear the echoes of the morning
Devoid of celerity, love and wisdom

The hour will come
To be concurrent
To be silence and flash
To be collision and creation
So through the moment of nothing
You would be born to this world

From then spread through the taste of nothing
Like waves of the water

I GET SCARED TO BE, “The Darkness Will Understand”, Leila Samarrai


The semi-darkness and solitude will vanish
I will serve alone within myself even thought I am not my own
Before wounded knees everything opens
Flowers and thoughts, stories of justice
Wanton skulls and eras without rest

God will punish me I know
But in the cramp of passion
I will not be broken by those absent

We danced the whole day
The solitude anew embraced by valleys
Above the springhead
And sin to people

I get scared to be

FRAGMENTS, “The Second Birth Of Tragedy”, Leila Samarrai



The decomposing hour bleeds
The fields and tree tops
Sweat profusely
Cast down, the branches descend
Into bright summer
And angry dream
The scream of the trees was suffocated
A tree cried for its ripped out leaves
The years poured over the traces.


The dark that envelopes is getting thicker
And his astrological depths
In which the stars hid
Split my soul
To a dream and an abyss
I followed the path of a dream
Into the abyss of darkened things
Stirred up is the step
The shadow escaped
The light dissolved
In the eye
Madness watches over.

The book spreads the pages for the blind writer
(The harsh plotter skillfully wits)
The written intrigue knows only the dastard
Before the fire of laziness and rough silences
Wild are the words of the stumbled spirit:

„Consolation is needed
for shame from memories
when fallacy trembled …
when colors were violent
and the present far away.”

Burn pages!
Shine, books!
On the radiant obelisk
The living monument!
In frozen air
In fire made white!


Scrape through tears
And stagger down the corridor
Of Terror
With paper in hand, some chill in the accent
Of a wild stranger, satrap of a persuasive eye
Bossa nova immersed into
The heel of finely step.


The Harlequin cursed the king
The King forgives
He is in the middle of a conquest
While silence screams
The murdered does not speak
The Harlequin listens.

Because of YOU, “The Second Birth Of Tragedy”, Leila Samarrai

Because of you the Gorgon cried

The lighthouses do not speak
And there was no miracle
A million scorpion miles away from here
The awake have porcelain in their eyes
The blind man buys his second cane
He lost his sight listening to the distances
Memories sway in the dark mirror

Because of you the lakes strangle with their hands…
Because of YOU death was the reconnaissance of Valkyr games
Chasms lick their lips and slyly smile

I watched you through eye-lashes of fur
My sclera murky in the reflection of the abyss
For I found within you a nest for the sight.

But, to hell. What am I talking about?
Have the Living ever kissed the Dead?

Because of YOU the breasts of the first pharaoh woman went blind
And at least one venomous civilization vanished when …
The Scorpion king from his throne bit the claw
Of the First god of Earth

Because of you the saints would strangle with silk white ribbons
And many throats were slit
There was Borodin, Hiroshima and the Austrian
Because of YOU the flood…

Because of YOU – why burial?
The neigh does not become a human scream
Alike a striking prayer
Or the death bed cough

But how would I with no Trickster
The fearful meat on the fire
Tastes its loath.

For each hell sent – artist
always a Madman on the shoulder.

(oh, fragile gods…)

THE ABDUCTION OF THE SABINE WOMEN, “The Second Birth Of Tragedy”, Leila Samarrai


Long ago already in the canvas of blood

a sun comes out for Romulus
While the other dons in golden robes

the shadows on the faces of the Sabine women
Among flowers, abducted on a holy day.

„Invite them for Neptunalia”
Neptune said
And shook
The sea foam of his feet.

The shadow trusts everything of the light.

The Sabine women emptied
The spiced sea wines

With the blessing of Poseidon
Rings the laughter of the villain – god
A herd of horses swarms at them

The tore the veil of the Sabine brides

in Latium
О, bride, what dreamt you

in the night of holy rape?

Decorated necropolis
And love on the altar
The miserable concede to everything
The silver has its wisdom.

Brandy for the tzars
Who brought gifts
Should the glow of all the bitter things

spoil the game?

Like Prus on the battle field,

Tarpeia storms the Rome

„To war! I care!
Too early peace on

tongue was born.”

New century to the womb
New emperor on the throne
Force creates new herds
History is giving birth

There will be time for me to tell you everything, “The Darkness Will Understand”, Leila Samarrai


There will be time for me to tell you everything

We quail, not live.
We dance on rugs of fern
In rhythm of the certainly dead

Beware the tear of the lunatic and bridges with no fences
Victims and solitude of the prayer
Patting on the shoulder
And emptiness in which the counselors die

Do not be found again

We quail
In the meantime we do not live