The best comment

This is so far one of the best comments I have ever recieved from a native speaker as ways of my poetry. I am grateful. A reader Daniel Brick  04:45, comments the poem “The Dread Of Dead Birds”, The Darkness Will Understand “My head is spinning. This poem eludes my mind when I try to tie it down to an articulated statement. It resists paraphrase. But I do believe the meaning jumped into my consciousness where images are happy to exist as images I kept thinking of the ancient custom of reading the will of the gods and/or the course of future events in the entrails of birds. Is that relevant? What the entrails reveal or the message the birds carry could be summarized unb Matthew Arnold’s lines: We are CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, ONE DEAD, THE OTHER DYING TO BE BORN.”


Author: Leila Samarrai

I am a person of Himalayan seclusion, I am Atalanta in vestments of Helen of Troy, for me there is no term (aphorism there is, maybe). Cosmopolitan is too modest word for one who wanders across epochs without the help of the time machine. Some people consider me weird, because usually this is so when they do not understand something or someone that do not represent their existence. I love cats, an animals in general, I like challenges, I am persistent, I am combative (sometimes I can exaggerate in that - in all) If I were stylistic figure my mortal name would be Hyperbole. Read me. Know me. Conquer me :)

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