“The pigs have flown. Now what?”, Leila Samarrai “Aphorisms and Maxims”

“The pigs have flown. Now what?” (The serbian equivalent for this proverb is: “When willows bear grapes”.) “A tip for a writer during the creation of a masterpiece: Turn your brain off and write”. “Wherever you find yourself in Serbia, you always will be on the crime scene.” “So difficult to know with who to begin. – said […]

If I was.. , Leila Samarrai

If I was an American, born immune to viruses brought by the invaders Prometheus, the demigod who never brought fire Cleopatra who held the feathered serpent on her breasts instead of a cobra If I was a history when Cleopatra and Antony were never in love the poem in the eternal procreation the knife in […]

1999*, By Leila Samarrai

https://poetryagainstterror.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/1999/ Painted corpses are unweaving I have not yet submerged them all Much like the history of the black scarf Ready to move time and air During this Year of one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine It is hard to silence the cry above mortuary reports The woods and the grass still sprout from […]

Terry Robinson (HE George), UK (England) And the Writing’s on the Wall, Commentary by Leila Samarrai

From cave pictures, with hand sprayed self portraits. To a church’s pulpit displaying Psalm Twenty Three. The writing’s on the wall From mud huts to stately homes. The writing’s on the wall From the nail driven torso hanging from the eaves. To bullet chipped, blood soaked wall of the firing squad The writing’s on The […]

Mai Venn, Ireland, The Music Stopped, ~* ~ Commentary by Leila Samarrai

  Thunder rolls from guns were observed, Mutilated young bodies Arranged in red locks across the crowded room, Shock, dismay and carnage, Weeping tears mixed with speechless teens, Surrounded by extraordinary slaughter, Bewildered young people, damaged for life. Why? That is the question. Will we ever get answers to this mystery? Is it a mystery […]

Douglas Stewart, USA Mourning, Marchons, ~* ~ Commentary by Leila Samarrai

Douglas Stewart, USA Mourning, Marchons Arms they hid beneath their cloaks, Intent beneath facades of peace, And fixed their paths toward Montrouge, A concert, and 130 dead Parisians, a City Mourning, Marchons. The City of Light knew then its friends, they Rallied from the clovered corners of the planet, The tears of auld allies and […]

Who am I?

Who am I? Full name Lejla Samaraj Mehdi (Mehdi Leila Samarrai) Born on 19 October 1976 (39 yrs.) Place of birth: Kragujevac, Serbia, Yugoslavia She studied Spanish language and Hispanic literature. She made her debut in 2002, winning the competition for the first book of the Student Cultural Centre in Kragujevac. In addition to the […]


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