Boris K. would like to know English to be understood by 0.01% percent of Chinese who speak English (which is not a small number)
Although, adds Boris K, the Chinese do not even know Chinese, let alone English.
Boris K. would like to know English so he could say to Elisabeth: “Long Live The Grandma!”
Though, Elisabeth has her younger brother… Long live to celebrate his third term…!
Boris K. would love to know English so he could greet Obama, but Obama does not speak English, he speaks American.
And that’s why Boris K. decided to say hello to Obama in the Swahili language, which is the dialect in Central Africa, where Obama was born.
“Habari za jioni Rais, kama wanawake na watoto!”
Obama was thrilled!
Boris K. realizes only Obama understands him.
Still, Boris K. will not vote for Obama because that would be his third term which is impossible to be.
Boris K. would vote for Putin as Putin could stay in Russia for all time, as the president of Russia, in order not to spread his influence further …
Boris K. , also, will not vote for “The Pussy Lips”, since Serbia already have enough fools who will vote for him.
Boris K., in the end, would love to say hello to the Indians but they are dead and gone thanks to Buffalo Bill.
Boris K. would like to know English so he could say something to Buffalo Bill, but Bill is dead and gone.
Thus, Boris K. understands that there is no need to learn English language, at all.


There is an answer for everyone, Leila Samarai

Nine hours is sleeping
And the nine hour hands of the world

The mouth of leniency ran away
Like the flowers of the oranges
When they come to cut them
Even though unannounced

Besides, time, everything is in the sign of transience
Also the olive tree
That exhales under insects

There is an answer for everyone
Scorn, love
Limited life
And stranded ships

I a lonely stalk, Leila Samarrai

I persistently graze words
Day and night
First I seek them
Recognize them even among lizards
Who announce misfortune
And even though they are vainly
You want time and roads
And blue circles above the wellsprings of rapid rivers

You children of moonlight
I a lonely stalk
You memorized colors
You poets, which I am yet not

I the amorous Pan
Not knowing how to say wasteland on your language
Marked to sing I yearn for East
Where I could burn myself
And turn into a star
Like Quetzalcoatl

(If I could only sway
for a moment
not even music is necessary)

A question… (?)

Hello, my dear fellow writers and readers,

First of all, thank you for your attention regards of my two Kat – poems. I put it twice on my blog, because there is  Version 1 of the “kitty poem” and  Version 2.

If it is confusing for you, or maybe someone amongst you  thinks I put it twice by mistake or it looks like a mistake almost because they are so similar… I would ask you to pick the version you prefer (I labeled them “Version 1” and “Version 2”..   also, I would be grateful if you would tell me why you chose that particular version.

Thank you in advance,

Leila S.