Who let the Eve in?

EVE: (sighs) Millenniums have passed and certainly not to start the fun
Hail Lord, it’s so boring to be lonely in paradise …

Pure rivers of Eden, let’s play innocent games!
give it mouth!
speak of my Beauty!
speak but do not destroy it with conversable delusions,
speak to this outcast, truthfully
as fits the occasion
proving thus my beauty
speak without sweetness.
I am only one hereby.
shall I be Astraea or Justitia, should I keep the white lillies in my hand?
there are a lot in the garden.

Eden Rivers:
Oh, dame blanche, Mother Of Innocence
your belly is bloated
with the new maternity
mother of the lambs

(Eve is fanning herself with akakia leaf)

… and Acacia wove its branches into your divine hair …
the ivory gull is tucked on your shoulder and …

Oh stop stop STOP with such abomination, flatterers
I must be even worse than
I thought I was
I, The Innocence?
(Eve bursts into a laughter)
I’m just a rotten bird in the night wind
my face is not serene in the early sunlight
get it, toads?
And what about the Innocence?
that is, from the time immemorial only narcotized tranquility
whore of Aventine Hill is far more useful than her divinely dust
sprinkled per treacherous tenderness
I have seen many transgressions and I heard many
homicidal world proverbs,
but your lascivious narrative
coming from your fancy mouths
reek more than
six poisonous flowers of the green hell
and if I am Innocence, and perhaps disgusted with your game choice
let’s pretend better then

Bear my chastity The Wicked, you serve me best.
I govern this The Wicked world by
mythological cues for scoundrels
and the greatest rascal there is in me, always
I am making him feel nostalgic

(Eve screaming and grabbing her gray hair tearing branches of acacia)

All gone!
they left me here to guard the trees and grown – up slaughtered babies!
I thought I had died several millennia earlier (deliriously)

Eden Rivers (stirring up) Who let the Eve in?!

Eve: Hush…
You wonder why I came back?
to atone for maternal sins
to douse the thirsty ground
who will look after poor Abel instead of me?

Master maybe? (shrugging) I haven’t seen him for eons.
(idiotic sobbing in the distance)
you all know how shiftless and sensitive he is
after all he went mad after those.. occasion.
I am the mother of the Earth
If I’m gone
cruel rivers of Eden will not supply my thirsty land
therefore, the rivers of Eden, next time tell me
how pretty my face is when mastered with fear

(Rivers withdrew into darkness and fell silent. Eve fell asleep, muttering)

I, The Fear… Great Shame… My poor lamb, my angel
your sacred and pure virginity is gone

(evil smile)


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