Today, going to the bookstore I experience as a mild nightmare…

The development of printing and electronic technology, swiftness of the ways of copying text, and, in particular, writing on a computer, have caused enormous increase in text productions and made that literature had become a fraction of the mass production art, raw material that supplies the printing and publishing industries whose products are later filtered in media and marketing, distributed in the trade network,becoming a part of spiritual consumption. Today, going to the bookstore I experience as a mild nightmare or as an entry in the supermarket: offer is overabundant and endless, the book is no longer a rarity, let alone sacred object, it is commonplace, readily available product of mass culture. All genres, except for the novel and, to some extent, drama (because of its natural association with the theater and the possibility of public presentation), are pushed to the edge of cultural and literary system. There is an obvious domination of light and trivial genres.


Author: Leila Samarrai

I am a person of Himalayan seclusion, I am Atalanta in vestments of Helen of Troy, for me there is no term (aphorism there is, maybe). Cosmopolitan is too modest word for one who wanders across epochs without the help of the time machine. Some people consider me weird, because usually this is so when they do not understand something or someone that do not represent their existence. I love cats, an animals in general, I like challenges, I am persistent, I am combative (sometimes I can exaggerate in that - in all) If I were stylistic figure my mortal name would be Hyperbole. Read me. Know me. Conquer me :)

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