Breaking news

I wrote a terrible poem. Always is like that when I want to write something optimistic .. I’d better get my attention on my bloody diaries about midgets

“yeah.. we ALL read it. I read it last night.. nah… very bad. ugly!”, Eva Green
“hahahaha, bitch.”, Angelique Bouchard
“Sans commentaires”, Isabelle Adjani
“I can do that”, Angelina Jolie

Author: Leila Samarrai

I am a person of Himalayan seclusion, I am Atalanta in vestments of Helen of Troy, for me there is no term (aphorism there is, maybe). Cosmopolitan is too modest word for one who wanders across epochs without the help of the time machine. Some people consider me weird, because usually this is so when they do not understand something or someone that do not represent their existence. I love cats, an animals in general, I like challenges, I am persistent, I am combative (sometimes I can exaggerate in that - in all) If I were stylistic figure my mortal name would be Hyperbole. Read me. Know me. Conquer me :)

13 thoughts on “Breaking news”

      1. Well, My blog is not promoted, so that I get basically very little “likes”, very few comments, moreover, very rare, also I don’t have acquaintances and etc. that would give me support on a friendly or kinship basis and I am very lonesome in creating my literary blog which I like, sort of.. because I want the quality of my poems “choose” my readership and viceversa, but I have also noted that the general lack of interest is presented.. maybe because I’m from Serbia, I do not know. Therefore, the reaction of the readership or the absence of the same can be tricky. But somehow I feel that I have failed regarding to the composition of specific poem, maybe more of them, which I will try to fix in the future. Thank you for your encouragement. It is interesting to me (and funny) that some people from the country where I currently reside (Serbia) come forward only when I am “in trouble” 🙂

      2. Don’t worry everything takes time. We have to be patient. I don’t think it has anything to do with where you are from. Is Serbia somewhere in Europe? I thought myself that my posts were boring but the amount of encouragement and praise I got from fellow bloggers was incredible. Anything is possible. And I am sure you will always find acquaintances over here 😊😄😊

      3. I run this blog for 7 years and I have totally opposite experience than you, but I am glad you have feedback. Serbia is in Europe, next to Austria. The capital is Belgrade.

      4. 7 years?! I am going to be this month 5 months having a blog. I am just an inexperienced teenager in this case. Ah, Belgrade. That must be nice 😊😊

      5. I am aware of the fact this is not nice choice of words coming from a sophisticated writer/soul, but – Belgrade sucks – bathed in gold, minorities live like kings (mostly war profiteers), but most people barely make ends meet. Well, I am older than you so maybe they are taking me too seriously 🙂 The most important thing is poetry/literature, that is why I am keeping updating and posting my works.

      6. Of course – through both mine novels and novels of classic authors/poetry/prose/drama plays, you name the genre, I’ve traveled epochs, without moving from one spot. I like to dislocate both epoch and humans.

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