You love me in this dress

You love me in this dress and you don’t see my full lips nor a shirt wherein my breasts seem safer neither eyes but a moment before succumbing you love me in this dress and you don’t see my bleary-eyed and yellow gaunt face neither pieces of broken statue or pieces of paper scattered around… […]


Zgrada uredničke kancelarije. Urednik izdavačke kuće „Rusvaj“ uzbuđeno prelistava moj rukopis, hoda gore – dole uredničkom kancelarijom, uzdiše. – Auh! Autorka, pa vaš junak je stravičan, podilazi me jeza.. – i tako korača gore pa dole, pa ukoso, pa odjednom levo pa desno, da bi zaigrao brzu igru, spor korak, pa poskok, pa onda sed […]

Betrayal, Omen, Serbian original included If I am the perpetrator of the famous “Betrayal of the original” with unskilled translations into a language that is not mine, it does not offer much in the way of comforts, but I would share what I have. A necessary thing to ensure your better understanding. However, I hope that this possible loss […]

Keeping it up with time I was thirty two years old when I started writing this story. Alas, incredible things happened since then. Because of the law of Higher age requirement for woman retirement, my mother had to be older than she is in order to retire on time. Luckily, doctor Hatchinson was our distant cousin and through the […]

Happy to share that I have a story in the Fall issue of CultureCult Magazine

My short story Keeping up with Time was published in CultureCult Magazine’s Issue #8.  As a token of my appreciation for the utmost care and creative zeal in featuring one of my works in CultureCult n0 8 Magazine Issue, I tongue the words in your ears, with an ardent appeal, to buy a digital/print copy of CultureCult Magazine’s Issue […]

Crveni ban ili crveno banovanje ludom radovanje

Zakonik Društvenomrežni – Fenomenejbuk: Profili na Fenomenejbuku su privatni Ukoliko ste goli na profilnoj slici vi ne morate otkriti svu privatnost Gore navedeno o se odnosi samo na žene Ukoliko ste privlačna žena koja makar delimično otkriva svoje draži (vitak struk, duge noge, diskretan dekolte) i to u granicama pristojnosti vi ste obavezni da uradite […]


Slika, source:   Igram Criminal case, slikam se, skupljam lajkove kao sav normalan svet, žalostim neprijatelje svoje. Na to, šalju mi razgaćene slike otkrivene klikom slučajnijim jer poruke ne otvaram u strahu od variole alal vere. Govore o ljubavi, zavijenoj u veo mističnog, na šta ih nagnala moja slika s le chic cigarette, u brusu, […]

Girl Interrupted, Serbian version

I was inspired to make this video because I was following unsuccessful attempts by students from acting on the Internet to play this part from”Girl, Interrupted” in a raw – natural way which was performed by Angelina Jolie. Subtitles are included 🙂  

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