DRIPPING WINDMILLS (Serbian Original Included)

DRIPPING WINDMILLS (Serbian Original Included) Posted on 1 Nov 2017 “For tomorrow you will live forever” * Snatch your mind from the clutches of the wolves That have been observing and watching you And fasten it with quiet dignity Snatch it with a torrent of your body Then wipe the sweat off your brow While the beasts […]

The summoning of a star’s dream

Image: https://lemyreart.wordpress.com/tag/surreal-art/ I, tomorrow will be dying a blink of darkness that enshrouds your eye that offend thee become so thick as well its astrological wells calling upon us, stars The essay of the young, tough artists in a shaky shadiness, Arcadia’s magic is spreading south of my ears, east of my scars I was there […]


I am ripping… reptile meat. (of my body…) Let Eagles keep their beaks sharp in their lazy armchair… I think Sisyphus is being watched, discreetly Long after I have been forgotten I am going into oblivion into my sleep, to bed, to bed of satin tucked away somewhere, out of my mind *** IZLEČENA Kidam […]

Back beyond, back beyond, back beyond.

Wherever I go, they are at my heels sick and angry feelings I am sipping drip, drip, drip so it that gets diluted out through the fog is racing the headless horseman Back beyond. The howling morning took my fingerprints by tapping the hoof with a hoof come in, burning madness, do not be shy […]

Testament jednog pisca, Invita Minerva* i.e. “Unwilling Minerva!”

UVOD S izvesnom, svečanom ozbiljnošću, oslobađam prste i zapisujem neobičnu istoriju koja mi se dogodila. Neobičnu? Daleko od toga, iako me me nenormalnosti guše i dave, sagnuta nad svojom beležnicom nemam nikakvu kontrolu, mrmljam nepovezano sebi u bradu, puzim po sobi, derem se: “Jel ja sad treba baš sve u tančine da ispripovedam?”, u stanju […]


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