Praise of the progenitrix

image: Mystics listen to her Cynics vomit her Midwives truth-birth her And since always Welcome her on hands That insidious trash To fill their pitchers With her feces. Born from the spirit of pride From the spleen of law From the blood of forefathers From the womb of lies From seventy-seven Forgiveness The […]

Zapisi u Tami, moja recenzija, Ja, Pisar vlastite biografije, pokušaj 1

Zapisi u Tami, moja recenzija, pokušaj 1 Dala sam sebi u zadatak da predstavim, na sebi svojstven nacin, neobične događaje koji su me zadesili, u formi autobiografije fragmentarnog tipa, gde su upravo fragmenti neka vrsta zapisa tj zapisi neka vrsta fragmenata, avaj.. reč pravu mi daj! fragmenti su prelom u tekstu koji se može definisati […]

Gilda, The Serial Kitchen Killer

I’m Gilda! I get up! I glitter! I cook. Lunch lounges under laughing chandeliers. They smile back and the knife blades beam in luminescent light. They illuminate my garish gilded plates. Light light everywhere! Plates talk as they hop and bounce Feed us! Eat us! Kill us! Polish, polish me, my Nazi! Dinner time! Play […]

The Birth of a monster, Hail Hydra!

I woke up with surplus five heads. I was running down a Žička street, hoping that a kind soul finds us, some Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley sort, to sew us back up into a whole. For a time, I was sneaking around in the shadows, facing ridicule, disgust, and dread. No particular way to go, I […]

Okupljanje, odlomak 28c, Zapisi u Tami

image: Good Vs Evil Painting by William J Blake – Drago mi je, moje zmijske ministarke, da smo se konačno okupile ispod zasvođenog krova impozantne fasade oblizane svetim plamenom, u domu seksualne magije i kosmičke religije. Još draže mi je da ste sve došle obučene u crne odore, da vas niko na putu nije prepoznao, da […]

C’est la Guerre, It’s the Sun and his name is Hellion.

Belgrade, in the fierce heat of the sun. image: 1 Start dying, my dear! start dying you’ re not going to cry, are you? weep and stand back be good, my dear What can you do? C’est la Guerre, It’s the Sun and his name is Hellion. 2 You’re trapped, got frozen, grow rusty, as iron. surrounded by […]

It is ALL in there, only that it remains hidden on display in… pavilions! in the book of the moment, at the given moment in the humble meekness Pureness. where’s the window’s  skin is far too thin for the wicked weather Painstakingly quivering with fury… stammering and iced moments, (Add a thousand and so more) Who sits near you, hearing you touching you, a slow […]


image: ankh symbol Painting by Liana Horbaniuc 1 I, who travel the world ruled by a bestial frenzy, I am the pain of the sufferer and the distorted folly, I left those who did not follow me. According to the desire of my heart, I traveled to the lands of the horizon, to step on […]

Imprisoned beauty

image: Argo by Alecu Grigore In three layers poured During a hellish night Helen, Intrigue ate you And Erinyes In turbulent water Tongue burns from gall Trojan woman, Shave your beards! And you shall see truth: Shackled naked bodies Stumble through underground passages. Through myths My death Will be the eternal memory Of sun’s fiasco.

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