a time without taste

I am not a blogger, nor a marketing expert who can promote mine literary artworks using on some flat puns, catchphrases even a personal legend behind the art of creation!
I’m not really interested so much in the art of selling and what am I selling that you could buy, eventually?
What my spirit’s become? That is what are you going to buy? On the other hand, I’m not squeamish about money, so just keep going.ย 
Have you any idea how abstract literature is? I mean, a good literature.
What tool am I using beside my own mind?
What kind of tool is that?ย ย It’s really abstract for such a form of presentation! Not always in the right mood, not always willing to change its interior mind.ย ย Under attack, indisposed, nourishing a being inside, both a creature who is rejoicing as well as the creating spirit.

I am aware that in today’s world there is a complete anaesthesia for the human spirit that creates. I feel I have to illustrate my story, appealing to visual interest, so the reader would pique their interest or continue to care about my story! These are my marketing powers. That is devastating and I will not do that anymore. I do not want to demean the Reader.
Of course, it is devastating when the post gets attention from some of the readers, mostly painters … exclusively because of the nice and eligible image associated with it. Thus my story is getting attention from some of the readers (I have some of them on my blog as followers and I despise them – this is not a painting blog, dolt!) mostly by painters…. It’s an insult to the Writer and disgrace to the Reader. ( won’t even go into his lack of manners and IQ issues)
It’s like if the genre painting or a painter would be praised solely for the fact that he aptly noted his artwork using verbal skills- “Oh, what beautiful catchphrases and verbs you use, dear! What an adjective! You’d made quite an effort in the interview!”

I know I live in a time without taste. Whether it is a good taste, be it a bad one.
I do not know who was waiting for repentance, but I’m waiting for the rehabilitation of my artistic coefficient.
Until then, I will let my stories to a slow dissolve for feeding the observers in the theatre, I will let the matter I am using to be translated to… everlasting change, let the time be the judge carrying the burden of value, aesthetically speaking, on Aesthetics scale.

Leila Samarrai, Belgrade, December 10th, 2018 a.d

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