LANDLORDS, 30 novellas, an excerpt, one of my current projects, Serbian original included

LANDLORDS, 30 novellas

Story 1, Paragraph 1

for lack of an expert, be content with my translations, for the time being.

Author: Kalimachos, Καλλίμαχος of Alexandria

Dedicated to Stephen King who inspired me to turn the new leaf when it comes to storytelling, adopting a new approach to the same – hit the keyboard, use the harrowing perspective of a ploughman,  write everything down rapidly and absent-mindedly, use plough, axe and two owsen instead of pen… Suit yourself.

unknown interlocutor -Or was that Chekhov? Or was it both of you?

– But they were also cheating off each other’s novels!, so at least said the Old Kalimachos, Supreme Head of the Destroyed Library of Alexandria, de Borges,  323 B. C

unknown interlocutor -Egads! What are you talking about?!

-Tchah, nothing. I’m rambling on,  blabbing about the story that had long gone stale. Anyway, I’ve been commanded to tell it again. And I obey. I saw it…

unknown interlocutor – In a dream?

-How’ d you know that? Yes, YES, right there, right there! I saw it in the distorted, yet in a very relaxing dream. It was the extension of the long night captured by imagination and that is Book,  the Book of Books. Everything that is already in that book is going to be written over and over again, her letters burned into that paper,  by the Ptolemaic technique, so at least said the Old Kalimachos, the Great Pontiff… and his face.. so badly disfigured, melted down in the fire. His blind eyes see everything of the horrors to come.



Autor: Kalimah od Aleksandrije

Posvećeno Stivenu Kingu koji me nagna da se okrenem novom načinu pripovedaštva: udri po tastaturi, drljaj kako ti drago, plugom kleši slova, ili je to bio Čehov, ili su to bila obojica pa su jedan od drugog prepisivali, kako reče Kalimah Stari, vrhovni poglavar aleksandrijske biblioteke, po Borhesu 323 p. N. E

Nepoznati sagovornik – O čemu ti to?

-Ma ni o čemu. Trućam već istrućano, nešto u zapoved dato.

Nepoznati sagovornik -U snu?

-Kako ste znali? Da baš u snu, u opuštenom snu, produžetku imaginacije noći, a to je knjiga, knjiga nad knjigama i u toj knjizi sve je napisano, sva slova su ugravirana posebnom tehnikom ptolomeja, kako reče Kalimah, upravnik aleksandrijske biblioteke, a lice mu je.. lice mu je sttrašno. Izgorelo u požaru. Oči slepe, a sve vide.




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