Utamničena lepota/La belleza encarcelada (video version in Serbian and Spanish)



Helen: [to Menelaus] Am I allowed to speak against the charge? To show you that if I die that I shall die most wronged and innocent?
Menelaus: I have come to kill you, not to argue with you.
Hecuba: [ironically] Oh, hear her. She must not die unheard.



It’s all Cersei fault/you don’t want to wake the dragon, do you?

“I have a gift for you as well. Your life.”

Daenerys Targaryen

(11.10 ovako ću da se i ja pretvaram da ne znam srpski bilo gde gda se nalazim..  , doduše neretko to činim u javnom prevozu u Srbiji  i što je najsmešnije, prolazi mi, fino se ispričam na par jezika, pa i na dotračkom kog već poprilično dobro govorim.. valirijski mi je težak 🙂 možda smislim svoj.. dobar lingvist to može, a i i imam jedan u rezervi koji sam koristila kao klinka i još ga koristim za neka pisanija – nije alfabetsko pismo…)

“Speaking to Cersei will not prevent a slaughter,” she says. “But perhaps it’s good the people see that Daenerys Stormborn made every effort to avoid bloodshed, and Cersei Lannister refused. They should know whom to blame when the sky falls down upon them.”

Daenerys Targaryen


All fiction has to have a certain amount of truth in it to be powerful. George R. R. Martin

Daenerys has always had a problematic attitude towards violence.



Every ruler in history, Caesar. …
Alexander the Great. …
Joseph II. …
Genghis Khan. …
Queen Elizabeth I. …
Charlemagne. has always been faced with difficult decisions to make. Sometimes good intentions are not enough to make the right choice. Daenerys would be a good ruler. She’s a visionary and a conqueror, and we know what’s happening to them – see the list above … (Caesar and Alexander)
It’s easy for Sansa to make decisions while gossiping about Daenerys
from the crypt ..
Cersei knew she was impulsive and all she needed to do was bring her to the edge.
If I were Missandei’s place, to Cersei’s annoyance and knowing Daenerys, I would not utter these words, but rather tell Danny to calm down and wait for the city to surrender. That would be Cersei’s defeat. The bitch Cersei calculated everything in advance.
Again, I understand Missandei .. beneath a peaceful surface od a delicate and intelligent woman is a person who has spent her life in slavery. what about her wrath?
The problem is that Cersei may have been one of the smaller problems for Daenerys in Westeros, where they are quite unaccustomed to the people of her forge.

Actually, I have much more respect for Cersei ‘(inverted mirror of Daenerys) than for the mediocrity Sansa. I do not have complains about season 8 in terms of what happened already HOW it happened. They did kind of gloss over that in the movie.  Emilia did her best to fix that and she did. As well as Lena. The cast is awesome and Martin created some brilliant, complex and nuanced, interesting characters. 

And once more for the history records! Best version 🙂 p.s kudos for Grey Worm.



La belleza encarcelada

En tres capas, una noche tártara.

La belleza encarcelada desvaneció

En el abrazo de Érebo.

Helena, Helena, la intriga te carcomió…

Esto es muerte, pero no la pura,

Sino una bestial, malvada y sucia,

Maniobra de venganza de las mujeres celosas.

Némesis, estamos en el cruce de nuestras vías

Que como agua se agitan,

En la boca a lo amargo me sabe

Por los tiempos pasados y los tiempos futuros.

Al yacer desnuda entre cuatro paredes

Machacando las heridas del cuerpo encadenado

De las olas sale la verdad desnuda y ciega, pero casta.

La vida es mala, y la belleza es taimada.

¡Las Troyanas, barbas de los guerreros!

Mítica, mi muerte recuerdo eterno será

en los pómulos abultados, palidecidos,

Al fiasco carente del Sol.

¡La muerte!



bella, por la fuerza escondida.

Piel con la rabia enfurecida

Incendió los ojos del mar,

Se fue navegando la estrella


They steal/Advice to poets, Beware of www.allpoetry.com

allpoetry.com stole my 85 poems, along with the mandatory (it seems that this can not be avoided, I must be irresistible ..) sexual harassment.
This way: in order to prevent further theft (this is not the first time, poem hunter is not much better.. ), I will not post anything on the blog until it is published with a renowned publishing house.
Advice to poets: do not send anything to magazines, do not put your poems on any so-called website for poets and similar nonsense, nothing that is not copyrighted in the form of a book.
They steal.


You bite the poem under the tongue and words which made reminiscences into dust

They do not understand you, actrisa.
It is time for aktshluss

You were chewed by the populist phenomenology
Of verses devoid of poetry
In the band of false troubadours, you cannot be actor primarium patrium
Aristocrat among poetesses do not forget that the Arabs divined your fate with arrows

Do not worry, Leila, I enjoyed reading your verses,
I Samira, the trade woman from the satrapy of forgotten empires
On my breasts, I bared the burden heavier than the grandiose pillars from Hatra
Forever banished from the cradle of two folks I belonged to by the disfavour of Alan and Beog who found a dying city


Do not worry, Leila, with you are Greeks and Sarmatians and your name is nailed into the Grecian affiches
Announced by Sophocles on fliers and billboards of alternative theatres
And Caligula dances with your Greek single act dramas on Palatine games

Do not worry, Leila, unpopular poetess in a world which you overcame
With the miracle of discovering the secret home in which you mastered silences

Do not forget everything is a matter of injustice because there is no justice
Do not forget the world became a minefield and an insult
Do not forget another world will be chiselled by your verses of immortal longing

Do not worry, Leila, there will be time for all those who hotly growl on the mention of your name to understand

The unbearable ease of existence and the feather of your French Alexandrine.