Treat It Like a Job/Mount of her arousal…

From the vulva to the cervix [1]
the burden of a new tongue order
тетька Margaret of Gilead [2] was off again
Vaginismus it is called
of the labia majora
and the foreskin approach of
rhythm, especially rhythm
funny games [3], the metaphor is brought
to London’s Pie-corner [4]
and you are more deadly than life cum demon

soft as mushy, overcooked food
sometimes cum too early and sometimes is too late
or suddenly you knew how
to finish OFF
uterus outside the world
effective one-of-a-kind vulva
a adharcáil [5] box for holding
French withered pear
Phoenix nest

just an easy-going penis
hidden hidden white stuff
to be
The Mind Behind the
Svacheem’s [6] flooding
liquid at orgasm.
It’s uncanny, how, you know.
It’s deep
even deeper twat
the deepest clue
like death
you, Cunt

I wish the involuntary spasm
inflames in the house AS [7] cursed
joyful devouring to Genesis
Sarai [8] the Barren vaginal discharge
Contra punctum her enslaved maid
and strengthen her pelvis while the sons of Jacobs
hoodwink my VJJ like a prisoner of WWII war

airneánach at Privy-counsel
you, Sarai, you gender traitor
ah, Vagina, you such a Belle-chose
and everyone smooch you

smooch smooch! sweet home Vagina, who are you wearing

to our plane to Lisbon? we’ll always have Paris… [9]

(gliding around red-light carpets eating Eva’s red apple for breakfast)

Every aiteall  I dykon you to Hoyden’s centre [10]
and every vagenius morning
I cut you with my Gillette Blade
stirring the bean curd
Oh, my honey pot…
I lick at everything as if I lick you for the first time.

enjoying the sound of heavy rain on a rooftop.

to plaudit

to burst

[NOW ALL TOGETHER] Feminist! Lesbian! Vagina! Squitch your master!

Gaelige bhacach! [11]  

feel free to abandon the piano [12]

and treat it like a job




  1. [1]The cervix or cervix uteri (Latin, ‘neck of the uterus’) is the lower part of the uterus in the human female reproductive system. The vulva is the outer part of the female genitals. The vulva includes the opening of the vagina (sometimes called the vestibule), the labia majora (outer lips), the labia minora (inner lips), and the clitoris. Around the opening of the vagina, there are 2 sets of skin folds.
  2. [2]Gilead was a mountainous region east of the Jordan River divided among the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh, and situated in Jordan. … It corresponds today to the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Jordan. The name Gilead first appears in the biblical account of the last meeting of Jacob and Laban (Genesis 31:21-22).
  3. The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, originally published in 1985. It is set in a near-future New England, in a totalitarian state resembling a theonomy that has overthrown the United States government. The novel focuses on the journey of the handmaid Offred.
  4. [4]Pie-corner– a famous corner in London for prostitution;  both ‘pie’ and ‘corner’ were both slang terms for ‘whore’ or ‘vagina’ (King Henry IV)
  5. [6] Svacheem, wasted sperm, a biblical reference to Noah’s flood
  6. [7] in the house AS , historical name for vagina

[8] Sarah, also spelt Sarai, in the Old Testament, wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Sarah was childless until she was 90 years old. God promised Abraham that she would be “a mother of nations” (Genesis 17:16) and that she would conceive and bear a son, but Sarah did not believe. Isaac, born to Sarah and Abraham in their old age, was the fulfilment of God’s promise to them. The barrenness of Sarah, cited in the preface (Genesis 11:30), stands in tension with the central theme of the Abraham saga, the promise that God will make him the founder of a mighty nation. With respect to the fulfilment of the promise, Sarah embodies the themes of fear and doubt, Abraham those of faith and hope. Her doubt drives Sarah to devise her own way of realizing the promise—she gives Abraham her maidservant, Hagar, so that Hagar might bear a child for them. When the promise is repeated, Sarah expresses her doubt in sarcastic laughter (Genesis 18:12). And when the promise is kept, Sarah, overcome by joy, still implies her doubt had been reasonable (Genesis 21:6–7). Her tomb at Hebron (Genesis 23) was a sign of Abraham’s faith that God’s promise of the land would also be kept.

[9] It’s a movie line. Casablanca, as others have said. Sometimes people say it when something profound has happened between them, even if it wasn’t specifically Paris. But it always refers to an experience with someone else that you treasure in your heart for the rest of your life

[10] aiteall is an Irish word for spring, Hoyden–A tomboy; a girl who behaves in a boisterous and unladylike,  Hoyden Centre, because of Lincoln Centre in New York, where June’s fight with Serena over Gilead’s mission to get baby – The Handmaid’s Tale Gilead’s Capital 

[11] broken, Irish speech to describe misery

[12]Sam’s piano in movie Casablanca, the expression of the soul and heart when words are insufficient

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