Angelina –  First love’s hardest to forget

and many other amazing scenes from this cinema masterpiece

“It’s natural to elevate our first love to some sort of mythic emotional plateau, but you fell in love, she left you and now you’re dealing with love’s the most common by-product suicidal manic depression. Feel better?”
Angelina Jolie

playing my favourite girl.. at the moment I am trying to translate myself a story “The adventure of Boris K. and Lara C”.. I hope there will be more stories so it actually could be called “The adventures” 🙂

Alicia Vikander is slightly (but not much) better Lara Croft. Angelina is wild streetfighter. Alicia put a more subtle note to it and she is more precise with her punches. 🙂 Also, more delicate. Still, Angelina is way better with guns and other arms.  And Angelina is too tall for playing Lara. (173 cm) Alicia’s heights suit Lara’s role more.. (166.5 cm 🙂


and many more from this movie..


… almost all her action movie scenes, especially from Salt and  I must add her historical movie Alexander (2004), of course. She also became an awesome director…..

Angelina –  First love’s hardest to forget 🙂

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