I don’t live here anymore

red lights flashing

mother has to go

sends me away a letter thrown

to the wind find a friend’s door

I don’t live here anymore

Father pushes my face

Grandmother tells me to whore

Aunt laughs we are all mortal

I’m muted music plays in my head

the deep voice of Satan speaks

behind my eyes

I sing to the music no one else can hear

Doctors deliver cold news injected

into my skull from behind coward

masks Grandmother and dullard

give directions to funeral home

I am a walking corpse of no mass bones

and tight skin eyes in a skull

staring as I sing to music none can hear

Piano, 1999

A siren splits the air

I sit at piano Bach beckons

my fingers dance over ivory and ebony

aeroplanes rip the skies a whistling shriek


My mother’s head cracks like glass


A girl, I waved at aeroplanes

American flags painted on tails their speed

enthralled me


I laughed in red sprayed red laughter

wipe my eyes laughing


I closed the piano and turned my back on the dead keys

Brandy bilious burp miasma of inebriation

Orphaned on cold streets

just for tonight,

just for tonight,

my hands tangle my Medusa’s hair

A column of mourners black veils,

blacker shrouds blackest scars

point fingers jab my face

with dirty nails spit at my eye

kick my uterus Drunk under the table by

Brandy bilious burp miasma of inebriation

Disowned by God thrown to ground and called whore