Daddy by Leila Samarrai

Amazing news! I am really glad I have found this magazine for it is focused on confessional poetry that I cherish in my heart like a precious poetical genre -Writing confessional poetry is important to a poet’s personal journey toward self-improvement. Thank you for this opportunity!

Ephemeral Elegies

You, with a wax masque of a Summer rain, inconstant scatterbrain Know: the love of fathers is hell on a st(ake)rand! You, with your limb more stiff than the dogmas of Lucifer. Who have you forgot to permeate: The Woman: who is a river ( for she flowed to you) The Daughter: who is volcanine ( for she burned for you) The Earth – which swallows you (ultimate mistress)? You, who are present but not present, Know: Hate has a heart! The green heart of shot Lorca and wrath of God! He, alike you: Does not love! Does not forgive! Does not kiss! To gift the legal age he rapes the Vestales . Bloodsucker! Anathema! Harpy! You growl too loud, desert fa(ng)ther. I know you encircle girls before thedoor. I know you flow down their thighs sweaty. Like unborn milk flows from me to you. Like chrome sand flows from…

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