Drums, black flutes, trumpets, strings and whistles,
Saadi*, a single degree.
horror, cramps, poison, girl’s screams,
Cap the chords into the air.
broken glasses, sweaty plastrons, the sound of cracked glass,
E’en to a round day-age

twix and between
a mixed muse of sensation,
a genderless
being of chic sheikh
a broken eardrum of synaptic nerves…

shaken by sudden thunderclap!

vision blurred,
wind knocked out of a vessel,
a perceived drowning has become the sea.

calm means (are) slow moving
in the heat of the day…..
salt finds old salt
worth it’s salt,

and the content is

the sun goddess rises
with the dog star…..
ra and sirius
purr godot
home always already.

to be cont…

Photo Credit: Sirius. A minute before the sun rises. Painting
Elena Barkhanskaya

*Saadi name meaning is Righteous. It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from Arabic

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