Wrath (Prometheus rising)

Things break,
arguing ensues,
yelling ensues.
The gruesome gnomes are back.

Let’s birth them!
Kerosene lamps leak out in a spiral of filth
and bells ring at funeral masses

become vengeance
become… wrath

Fearful cowards
prior to the ferocious whirlwind of war
They hammer the door,
like a graveyard

become vengeance
become fury

Not yet
Not yet carved
a silhouette,,
not yet dried

The stage suddenly lit up.
A basement lamp.


fire fire fire

(fire fire fire….)
mad mad gun


With a cloud on their back
Butcher clowns
Regana’s daughters
Who hate my day
And all my mornings
Born from the wound
Of glistening narcissuses
Litter of Lucrecia
You exchanged venoms
Compressed into pitchers
In grinds sweetly
To stain the knife
With ancient cause
It is the artist osculating
He butchered the night
Of silence
And hush
But I will further hear
The eternal echo of my death.


three segment worms turn the stomach
smile of a dwarf attitude,
and the rat dogs make ready to scratch
….the itch of each!

lightning bug smoke signals
alert alter boys that rage starts after mass.
be come comes from behind…
sneaking past fear that can’t hold
a candle to the unleashed release of blind war.

see the crowds gather for flames
reflected in pyromaniac eyes…yes!
now i am power, hammer, sickle,
sword sick and thor!

the reincarnated zombies rise to ride fury,
and your sons will carry future lust.
but not yet, made to wait…

waiting on a burned wood
outline of a melted sunset
afterglow of a dark blue canvas.
a hot lava lamp down deep

…to announce Prometheus rising..
but not yet….
tonight we feast and rage on fire,
with pre gun powder,
and pre pyrotechnical power.

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