How do blue feelings feel?
a faded fire in the eyes,
a numb hand on my chest
as I lay dying, among the graves?
Irreverence – what is that?
a wide open mouth spitting
hundreds of poisonous flowers?

Forgive the bastards!

Being dead, what is it like, after all this?
A knife impaled in the stomach,
made up of a thousand thunder bolts!
I’m purged through a holy fire
of bonfires and stars!

What thrill’s wave!
Bloody ravines everywhere,
now and to come! I absolve you all!
Bastards over the world: I absolve you all!
malvados, screams, bloody ravine, villain
Ego te absolvo!
Schwein, Schweinehund, everywhere,
now and to come:
I absolve you all!
(Vo veki vekov!)

Schwein · 1. pig, hog (US); (Fleisch) pork. sich wie die Schweine benehmen (inf) to behave like pigs (inf) · 2. (inf: Mensch) pig (inf), swine; (= Schweinehund)
Ego te absolvo means I absolve you
Vo veki vekov means forever and ever
In some cases (when negation takes place), “во веки веков” should be translated as “never”. 

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