“The Pigs Have Flown, now what?”, Leila Samarrai, 2014

Never trust a poet who can’t use his swears properly. In poetry, never argue with your ex-lovers. The poem is a universal message of the exquisite selection of the separation of the vanity. The true poet is capable to put the whole universe in his poem or sometimes even in just one single verse. The […]

Monodrama “Zapisi u tami”, 1. deo, Nista licno, Monodrama “Inscriptions in the darkness”, Nothing Personal, with English subtitles

https://www.wikihow.com/Turn-On-YouTube-Subtitles   glumi: Leila Samarrai nema kamermana nema glumice nema pozornice nema uslova nema scenografije bas kao u Srbiji ***    

LANDLORDS, 30 novellas, an excerpt, one of my current projects, Serbian original included

LANDLORDS, 30 novellas Story 1, Paragraph 1 for lack of an expert, be content with my translations, for the time being. Author: Kalimachos, Καλλίμαχος of Alexandria Dedicated to Stephen King who inspired me to turn the new leaf when it comes to storytelling, adopting a new approach to the same – hit the keyboard, use the harrowing […]

 Leila Samarrai: Literature in Serbia only exists at the level of gossip

LS: Man is in his own microcosm akin to a personal box, with poetry as its lid which it can defend itself from the world; which can be opened in desire to meet something wider than your own personal reach.

a time without taste

I am not a blogger, nor a marketing expert who can promote mine literary artworks using on some flat puns, catchphrases even a personal legend behind the art of creation! I’m not really interested so much in the art of selling and what am I selling that you could buy, eventually? What my spirit’s become? […]

¿Cómo uno se hace escritor?

 Después de que el centésimo erudito en la literatura dijo a Balzac que dejara de perseguir las quimeras, Balzac decidió intentar con la escritura. Al saltar la valla Le Pont Neuf, se dio cuenta de que el río era inusualmente largo y profundo. “Mira como Sena orillas suyas enlaza” dijo Balzac admirado y renunció a […]

Recommendation from a dog, “The Adventures Of Boris K.”, Leila Samarrai,

image found here Recommendation from a dog A not so brief review of the history of the letter that has never been read… Letters suffer. And they have a soul. You don’t believe me? Are you shaking your head in disbelief? In that case, lock up the oak door with your rusty key and settle into […]

‘But…we are ARTISTS!’

The Artists ‘I’ve carefully gone through your text of Wagner, madam. Quite passionate, a tour de force. This is precisely why I don’t call myself a Wagnerian, you will permit me (I hope) to provide some of my critical input.’ Mary Lynne allowed herself a minute smile and crossed her legs at the table. The […]

A Shaman’s Curse, (Serbian original included), an excerpt

At it’s core, this story is about an altered perception during any creative endeavor. (author’s note) Posted on the website Ljubitelji i autori sf/f/h umjetnosti u BiH Dediicated to Plato In medias res #horror #satire #parody #psychedelic … Why murder? Because of vanity? – an unimaginative mind would say. Your shoes are salted with it and […]

A dictionary of nonsense, The Adventures Of Boris K. the second part

A dictionary of nonsense, The Adventures Of Boris K. the second part Dear B.S. MS MBA MPHIL PhD, PhDD, DSc, MMSf, consultant, Mr. Supplication Approver, SA Stabschef Ernst, I enclose a convincing block of 25 blanco stories so I could get a permanent professorship, at the Faculty of Philosophy of Phenomenorepublic of Balkans (though I […]

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