the true identity of the woman in the poem “Struggling for Survival”

for all those who cannot see the beauty behind the depths of archetypes, I, gladly, analyze (in-depth) the archetypes in the poem “Struggle for Survival”. I often revieve comments that my poems are too “deep”, whatever that means.
I find it a pleasure to analyze my poems this way.
for those for whom it’s not too huge, grasp it, enjoy it, fellows!

in 40 minutes I explore the true identity of the woman in the poem Who is she? Who is not… – through the book of Revelation, comparisons of Buddhist female deities, lists of victims of rape in antiquity, and much more.

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THE UNENDING SOLUTION TO LARGE SCALE CONFLICT OR WARS In the beauty of journalism and what its values represent in truth and in the essence and the service of humanity, Leila Samarrai and Lawal Jimoh, L27, we, believe in the power of words and languages, solve one of the most concerning World issues or problems facing the World or the Globe today dealing with Large Scale Conflict or Wars imploring the light of accommodation, love and unity guiding our differences and cunning claim superiority with the work titled, “The Happening”, to be translated into all languages and shared to the World across and through all media of communication. Work Title: The Happening Authors: Leila Samarrai and Lawal Jimoh Genre: POETRY Number of Lines: 37

The Happening By Leila Samarrai and Lawal Jimoh, LJ, L27

Lawal Jimoh:
When death disguised, dressed in riot,
that day, no road for you and chariot,
because to console the soulless soul
for some reasons unknown to known,
there is wisdom not to have started

the fight, we are now on the field
that is awaiting the decay of times
to fuel the ground its returning.
Your birth gives reasons to light
a generation and its reborn is grace.
Do you remember, when birth places
your turn? Do you want to remember,
when death places your return?

Leila Samarrai:
What time that furious haunting flares
of a disastrous dominator’s reign
of the weeping dark?

The ocean whispers they never flew by plane.
Somewhere in the background,
I can hear their booming voices:
until the moment Soldier pounces his plane
on a selected target
and joins the virgins
in Paradise.

Where we would end the invisible war
by invisible war by invisible war
for booze-smelling oil, embarking on a crusade
a stone’s throw away from the cursives of the blood
for cemeteries and unclean places

and the knives were weeping
and the bombs were weeping
and the planes were mourning
until becoming the river Jordan.

— Leila Samarrai and Lawal Jimoh, “The Happening”

Videography, more than a documentary, link at:

© SmartBankPoetry, 2020. All right reserved.

— Leila Samarrai and Lawal Jimoh, “The Happening” Videography, more than a documentary, link at: © SmartBankPoetry, 2020. All right reserved.

Two (hearts) in one! Leila’s Black Mirror in Serbia(n)

English translation: Boris K. and the destiny of Mary Shelly (in original: Boris K. the Empath), “The Adventures Of Boris K.”, Leila Samarrai, editor: Pamela Sinicrope, published in 2013
Boris K. used to kill his hours of boredom by reading biographies of the controversial female writers. Somewhere in the middle of the book, he started crying.

“What happened, Boris K.?” asked the seller by whose bookstall Boris K. used to read the classic novels.

“I am lamenting over the destiny of Mary Shelley.” “What has happened to her?”

“What hasn’t…”

Angelina –  First love’s hardest to forget

and many other amazing scenes from this cinema masterpiece

“It’s natural to elevate our first love to some sort of mythic emotional plateau, but you fell in love, she left you and now you’re dealing with love’s the most common by-product suicidal manic depression. Feel better?”
Angelina Jolie

playing my favourite girl.. at the moment I am trying to translate myself a story “The adventure of Boris K. and Lara C”.. I hope there will be more stories so it actually could be called “The adventures” 🙂

Alicia Vikander is slightly (but not much) better Lara Croft. Angelina is wild streetfighter. Alicia put a more subtle note to it and she is more precise with her punches. 🙂 Also, more delicate. Still, Angelina is way better with guns and other arms.  And Angelina is too tall for playing Lara. (173 cm) Alicia’s heights suit Lara’s role more.. (166.5 cm 🙂


and many more from this movie..


… almost all her action movie scenes, especially from Salt and  I must add her historical movie Alexander (2004), of course. She also became an awesome director…..

Angelina –  First love’s hardest to forget 🙂

At least it wasn’t you

Culturally modified verses by Leila Samarrai as an allusion to the growing importance of misandric non – autohomophobic non-feminist females in the love or sort of.. relationships of women today who embrace them with joy and exaltation, as well as their dreams of a strict matriarchy and a misandric society! The poem probably came about after the disappointment of the Sappho –  Hannover foundations’ support, which supports joint housing projects for two notorious lesbians.

lyrics: Between females

soundtrack: Greek / Roman Music – Organographia VI



The speech about Boris K. “Serbian Chaplin” continues…

I have to stress that this is the second part of the promotion, there is more, but I think this part is the most representative for my book because I spoke a lot about Boris K. and other topics, too.

“The Adventures of Boris K” is a humorous and satirical story, among other things. In the midst of all the hardship he goes through, he has not forgotten to joke and play. He is a grown man but also a child. Still, it would be unfair to leave Boris K. only and exclusively in ” jaws ” of satire. The Phenomenon Republic may be an ideal state, but it must have its own Sewer opposition. These above are no better than the ones below, but, equally sadly, the lower alternative is also no better than the flappy opposition. Looks like Boris K. will see the writings’ on the wall whether he is at the top or he is down and it is not just him. The Republic is a totally totalitarian system where the opposition does not represent any kind of spiritual reprieve.

On the contrary. Boris K. does not suffer from belonging to literal ideologies. He simply wants to survive. That’s why BK chose communism because it doesn’t like injustice. Communism is in practice full of injustice, but  Boris K. does not enslave to ideologies. He is a man who would like to survive, and with whom some gods play with and place him in the most atypical situations. He is, in general, a revolutionary. Alone against everyone, from story to story, lonely but not classic, not like Clint Eastwood in spaghetti westerns. The first association with Boris K. is Joseph K. There are similarities between them, not only in the first letter of the surname! First of all, Boris K., like Kafka’s Joseph K., is actually in the midst of a “process.” The case of Joseph K. is a kind of quasi-judicial process, in the case of Boris K. about the process of so-called “phenomenization,” which is actually another name for all of us (in the countries where it was implemented) well known “transition”. The transition process is similar to the one in which Joseph K. found himself.- both of them are “adorned” by similar lawlessness and disrespect for the legal procedure, basically the defendants’ non-existent guilt, but also by the similar outcome of the process: at the end of the transition process (“phenomenization”) we see Boris K. broken, robbed, without beaten bell, bent over and reduced, to such an extent that he managed to fit a bottle of vodka in his landlady’s drawer, Froulline Suzi. But that’s the basic difference between Joseph and Boris K. – the Boris K. saga begins where the saga of Joseph K. ends, therefore, at the end of the process. Namely, in the first story in this collection of stories about Boris K.’s trials, tribulation”, the story of “Vodka”, we find him defeated by debt bondage enslaved in a bottle of vodka, condemned by the Transition Court, the so-called the “invisible hands” of the market, which grinds and crashes into bottles of alcoholic hopelessness all those who cannot adjust a cruel capitalist game called “The Dictatorship of Money” in which people and their happiness are completely irrelevant because only money matters.

(That is exactly how it is portrayed in the story “Boris K. In The Gambling Den”, in a plastic way, which explicitly states:

“Here in this casino, we do things a bit differently. You are not in control of the money, but rather the money controls you. Your bets are not your own. In fact, the currency bets on you. Follow me? Follow me…” Ovde ne igraju ljudi u pare, već pare u ljude.” (srp.)

On the other hand, “The Adventures of Boris K” can also be read in the pop art key. Boris K. is the art hero of an animated cartoon for intelligent, adult people. Not being the winner of situations like the other Dylan Dog-type superheroes but a victim of transition. The connection between him and Dylan is that both are facing impossible tasks. The world in which Boris resides is no less horror than the world of ghosts and demons that Dylan Dog clashes with. With this being an emphasis on totalitarianism. To the horror of the bureaucracy. It is most similar to Asterix. In the episode when Asterix and Obelisk overcome all difficulties and duels, but when they are sent to a Roman municipality for documents, they go crazy because they realize that they have to go through 100 counters to complete the paperwork.

So they go on foot to the sixth floor, so it turns out that they have to go downstairs again because of one seal and then again on the sixth floor. It is similar to Calimero. Given how often the victim is, he is also somewhat Mr.Bean in terms of indiscretion. In any case, the reader can choose in which key they will read “The Adventures of Boris K.” because variety is the main determinant of the book. For fans of epic fantasy, on the menu are the adventures of Boris K. in the fight with witch Hurricane and Grandma Valentina (stories: “Boris K. and the Witch Hurricane”, “Boris K. and the Mirror”), for fans of pop art there are adventures similar to the story “Boris K. and Chuck Norris,” “Boris K. and Smooth Criminal.” In any case, the reader will follow Boris K. “Serbian Chaplin”,  SF traveler through space and time, in a Kafkaian atmosphere, with a healthy, childlike, throaty laugh, forgotten in childhood while reading our first favorite books, although it is essentially a very gloomy topic, on that I reckon I was able to open  doors of laughter to readers, because today is the hardest thing to make people laugh to tears.

Leila Samarrai, author of The Adventures Of Boris K