My Literary CV



“The Darkness Will Understand”, book of poetry, “The Firstborn Edition”, Student Cultural Center, first prize winner

I published a drama theater play, “Dolls”, on Rastko website 

2010 – 2013
My stories and maxims appeared on websites such as Beleg,Afirmator, Helly Cherry, e- novine, Mreza kreativnih ljudi, Mons Aureus, Alma, Nosorog, jovonikolic, Zetna, Kvartal, Rastko, and many more.


Won three awards on the story competition “3-5-7” as a part of the “Helly Cherry” competition
Won third place as a representative of Serbia for aphorism “Stars and us” on the Beleg competition
My poems were translated into Spanish, too.
My stories were published by Hungary website


Won third place in BELEG Literary Contest for the short F, SF and H story

My aphorisms were published by international satire magazine “NOSOROG”
My story “Samara” was published in magazine “Koraci”
My book of poetry “The Darkness Will Understand” was re -published by website Project Rastko


I published a collection of stories, “The Adventures of Boris K.”, via Everest Media publishing house


I regularly write aphorisms and maxims. Concision is the sister of talent.
My poetry collection (an excerpt) “The Second Birth Of Tragedy” was published by Serbian website “Afirmator”


POETRY AGAINST TERROR: A tribute to the victims of terrorism Kindle Edition (one of the Authors and Critic)


as well as Poets Against Inequality – Extended Edition: Poets Unite Worldwide Kindle Edition





Already writing new poetic and prose material, working on the continuation of  “The Adventures Of Boris K.”, writing literary diaries, translating my literary works into English.

My story “How The Poetry was murdered” as part of the topic Taboo In Art, was published in magazine “KULT”, Novi Sad, as well as my interview  “Gossip as Serbian literature frame, nowadays.”

Currently publishing my fantasy/horror novel “Sleeping Mathilde”, with elements of magical realism, surrealism, epic fantasy, interwoven with autenthical history facts and nordic mythology elements, in magazine KULT, Novi Sad


My poem “Are you mad, Ovid”, was published in Odd.  “The Odd Magazine” is a quarterly ezine on everything that has ever made you squirm in your seats.

My poem “Rape Poem” was published in magazine “The Woman Inc.”, For freedom, for expression, for joy, for solidarity in womanhood.

Soon to be published in Anthology House Publishing

My short story Keeping up with Time was published in CultureCult Magazine’s Issue #8.  CultureCult Magazine is available in all European nations and most other countries on Amazon, in digital and print versions

I published a drama theater play, “Cats”, on Eckerman literary webzine

I had been chosen as a freelance contributor at Creative Talents Unleashed, with my poem Kitty Kisses, for the literary publication of Down The Rabbit Hole, 100 % of all proceeds from this publishing are donated to “Starving Artist Fund”
The book is now available.
Down The Rabbit Hole

Currently writing “A Painting of Those Viewed by Bitterns” (autobiographical fiction, included my literary diaries)





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