Ascension of albatross


Diabolic grimace from angry vortices
in the waters,

I rise above the waves and the human figures

as albatross.

The crews’ eyes on me,

like they wish they too fly

to save their lives but I flap to rise and flee

from Death with force.

Above the clouds

I soar into the safety

by the sun’s skies,

the poor humans’ sight melts my heart with pity,

they lose their lives

as I look downwards, I could not help but leave

them to Doom’s jaws,

so I rise in flight facing the sun alive,

grand in its place.

Prometheus, I feel your liver

Entangle the last light breaking

, as in no face with more jollity

In which hunger places its accumulated laws

,in the stomach

The world imagined blinds thirst,

(in a glass of lukewarm water)

’tis is a congested plum

of these identified walls

looking for their roots

in the cough scatter charred threads

This is the intensest sudden abyss of light

It is in that thought … here is our stretchy cave jewelry

close to the unaltered blood flow

seeks the bottom in the scattered veins

I’m out of things

I am beyond meaning

beyond words alone

Within clown absolute, a single clown

within a double who is braver and clearer than their…

lacuna silence.

In a double dream

in diurnal course,

’tis a light, a power, the performed paradise

Unbeknownst, here, now, those who have once heard that will never forget the sound

Unbeknownst, measured by Babylon from jaguar’s claw

the Unbeknownst, blade snapped short. Diamond cut.Behemoth’s horn

A name to fury had shrieked a name to…ages cursed with crowned liver

delighted with immortality

Prometheus, I feel your liver

stretch wide the lips of immortal fire

Eaten daily the amorous bread.