Striving for Survival Part 2, Unless I escape in time


The Lord said, ‘I have seen my people in bondage, and I have heard their cry,’” “I know their sorrows, and I have come to deliver them from the hand of evil men and lead my people out of that sorrowful place, to a land flowing with milk and honey.” 


I say this in voiceover as they carry me through the woods.

To save myself  from the abusive plight.

Bone-chilling words I would direct at a wealthier yeoman

or a more ambitious female Moses,

who would come as was her duty,

quivering like a leaf,

to bow down to me and ask for my blessing –


to experience a nervous breakdown,

to cast out my humanity when necessary,

to be raped, beaten,

to endure what it cannot be endured,

to survive my evildoers and the whole twisted nazi society

and to become a blooming superhero. 

Mars exulti!

behold the cruel patterns of the past and the future.

do not let the premonitions dry up

to be ready to be picked up

in fear of being forgotten,

while a fluorescent streetlight of Jailer

stare at me with a flaming eye. Aflame in anger.


Due to toxic gases .. public hangings are everyday.

with prayer, as well as participating in pulling a rope, stoning, too ..

Chaotic stoning all day long

paranoically mumbling to myself – The stones, the damn stones…



To wear the wrong dress, to be fertile Unwoman,

 forcing slave to die in poisonous colonies to work  

 until I fall apart, piece by piece of my body

or be sent as concubine from home to home,

to men with  their tail a third part of the stars in heaven

and on my head a garland of twelve stars

to be raped in an obscene, profane ceremonial ritual

we, girls are raped at 14 while forcing us to pray to the Lord 

unreal, maddened eyes sow fear followed by a raging disease and death!


It hurts being clothe with a moon

As that woman about to give birth in front of the dragon

particular misshapen friend

deal a powerful blow,

with a knife in the chest,

and then to devote insane

and grotesque calls

which left me mute a

and in the most horrific of pain


The blade was laid in the carved bone

and the altar, an ancient image of divinity

will speak the tongue of bones tonight.


that.. Being.. Revelation woman..

Her head peeked beyond all countless spirals

painted much in the same manner,

that way putting herself in the center of microcosm

of all-encompassing universality of nature,

becoming a role model for humanity.


My look at the city was one of prison. I

am here – behind bars.

This is a city in the middle of a prison.

Unless I escape in time.

Into the wilderness as is a desolate place

And full of serpents and scorpions,

“travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered”


The forest unbathed by an ocean of blood
An unhealed wound beneath the hot navel
The unpierced rib in the deciding battle
A lonely nest devoid of it’s eagle.


My mortal body with immortal progeny!
I summon the Heavens to bow down to my tentacles
Folded into a clenched fist!


Mary of Bethany, a heartless sinner

Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.’
Isac Asimov

written by Leila Samarrai
edited by: Obinna Eruchie

Argument: The function of the religious references in my poetry is solely archetypal. I’m not otherwise particularly interested in religion, aside for its educational purposes, nor am I at all religious.

Preface: Cursed Mother, Mary Of Bethany
A sinner she, stoned to death for whoring, for the Lord made her unable to conceive; caught in the act of fornication with other women, for witchcraft, for an attempt to murder her husband with the soup of slain swans; her sins are many, and she is but one of many sinners.

And what can she say, Mary, the spat-in-her-face mother?
She – heiress of the firstborn whore in the city?
The Bible’s bad girl!?
A prostitute!?
A heartless sinner!?
Give her beauty and truth to ruin them,
cut off her Rumina’s breasts, to soak her wounds with tears,
let thorns grow within her belly instead of children, she will bleed…

My ghostly eye was pointed at a thick thorn
that burst out of my body and continued growing…
a thin beam of sunlight turned it into
a vampire limb for raping of human souls.
O, you vampiric slingers!
Do the Prophet’s words not haunt thee?
Dear husband, do the devil’s sneers not haunt you?
Cast not your stones at my eyes!
I, an infertile woman with slit chest;
I, Mary Of Bethany, an unmercifully wicked sinner;
I hug my children under the tongue of the sky
in the celestial womb where
all my unborn children lie hidden,
and the resurrected body of this world and all other worlds
and drops of milk running down my swollen breasts blessed,
I nourish my castaway children under the star-spangled sky
and refresh them with bloody bile and wine.
I am a feminist pushing for the King Of Heaven,
Praise Jesus!
Thwack, thwack, thwack!

This is poetry of the rebellious blood
in insurgency.

  • Jeremiah 22, And if you say in your heart, ‘Why have these things come upon me?’ it is for the greatness of your iniquity that your skirts are lifted up and you suffer violence. – Bible approving misogyny and rape

“Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’”-Samuel 15, God as an ethnical cleanser, it is genocidal and this is priceless “

English Standard Version:
|I myself will lift up your skirts over your face, and your shame will be seen”. Jeremiah 13
God, by his own words, is a rapist. Literary of metaphorically this is a very horrible thing to say. And so on inspiring so many bloodsheds in the world.