where they disappear, hungry cannibals,  

me, just greetings, Happy Halloween.

The gods ate their children
from the underworld to the height of the sky
Griffon giant in blue steel
quiet as a childhood dream and cold as the whisper of death

(putting  the devil-turned-coin in thy pocket near the cross)
and while the Greek papyri
scarcely go beyond Salome’s laughter
O this beautiful male born of demon king Ravana
raise thyself, dimensions, visions..
silver through strange patterns of a deeper argent,
carne vale. (eng. here’s meat)
Samhain is here, the life of Sylla
while dying they cut their hair
the administration of death her presence seen
eternally lost children for the monsters that greeted them

a world that has flown backwards
the unreality of what it requires
ephemeral ways to get closer to

all the fires extinguished in the hearths
all the dead who believe they are coming into this world

lives equally

all Irish legends
and darkened blacksmiths
toys are in the palm of the Chronos

where witches go riding into which holes they go
from the bales of fear my private lunatic changes me

where they disappear, hungry cannibals,