This is the morning of my madness.

After forty days of hunger From a bird, eye view perspective’s being entered by a demonic fair during the devouring of grains of sand and coral reeds of scorpion tail One afternoon came to me unexpectedly Injecting through the lips of starvation The hour of death As succulent gaspy and undefined form of the broken […]


My eyes are flawless My eyes are living hell’s of isolation’s keenly placed prison In what darkness they’ve seen yet whose light sees nothing else when looked deeply within its reflections Other than darkness preludes always seemingly lurking in its unbeknownst shadows of opportunities once had and lost Continually raped by a demonic entity my […]

The fortunes in this life

Each day was supposed to be different then the day before it but it was not They were all the same. Sweaty ones, but not for one drop of golden sun but out of fear a solitary woman in a solitary confinement This is sweet stealing stench, with bewildering light stolen they did the grid, […]

Lucifer Reborn, a poem for my 42nd birthday (19|10)

To fly and to create is one… Has’t I nay talent? Of course I doth! Then in which obscure depths is’t falsing eyeless? I guesseth, it’s the canyon of age where thou hideth. Isn’t it you? For the best I doth, I gotteth the worst. Misery alone! Injustice of You, o vindictive father, can the […]

Betrayal, Omen, Serbian original included If I am the perpetrator of the famous “Betrayal of the original” with unskilled translations into a language that is not mine, it does not offer much in the way of comforts, but I would share what I have. A necessary thing to ensure your better understanding. However, I hope that this possible loss […]

The fate of the damned one, POEM 32, “The Darkness Will Understand”, Leila Samarrai

Blindness – the fate of the damned one Hush – the habit of a killer And dream – the wake of a mortal It could have been three men Merged with their eyes Even though one of them is the blind man To encounter a man with all his senses is a rarity Because the […]

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