I don’t live here anymore

red lights flashing

mother has to go

sends me away a letter thrown

to the wind find a friend’s door

I don’t live here anymore

Father pushes my face

Grandmother tells me to whore

Aunt laughs we are all mortal

I’m muted music plays in my head

the deep voice of Satan speaks

behind my eyes

I sing to the music no one else can hear

Doctors deliver cold news injected

into my skull from behind coward

masks Grandmother and dullard

give directions to funeral home

I am a walking corpse of no mass bones

and tight skin eyes in a skull

staring as I sing to music none can hear

Thus spoke my mother, Leila Samarrai

Thus spoke my mother.

Seek no longer the soil
Forgotten among the trees
Under which you were born

In the chosen night
When the grasshoppers flew away from the terraces
Into the heap of voices filled with hatred
Directed towards me

Silent mother
Not even a sound to flicker within me
How could I have known
About the other side of maps

Are they coming yet to take me
Rooted in the last morning of a bullet

I arise barefoot
The sea is frightened
Like ground from thunder

The signs along the path are the only thing left for you, “The darkness will understand”, Leila Samarrai



You do not grasp – the spilled blood is chiming
From unveiling you wrongfully dread
In agony of you yourself
While we pine atop Grecian terraces.

Still rivers are audible in endeavor
And at that conjoined

In mirrors is the road to land of dead
And worshippers of the chronometer
And the unachievable bloom of summer

Put the pigeon on the fire my daughter
We are going to satiate ourselves
Grasshoppers as well my daughter
Before they abandon us through the windows

I forefeel that the unreliable man
quiets his breath and embarks on the way
of Beauty, Ordinance and Wars

The signs along the path are the only thing left for you