The art of instant pearls of wisdom

All of a sudden, fleetingly shortened in hand,
instant wisdom that has no inkling on how grand
it’ll make with itself, let alone with you, rover!
motifs, key metaphors, phrases so similar
about how you will overflow the watercourse
and shadows gravely will pass, yes … but … no… Light’s source
shifting heart to happiness will be alluring.
(If you want to enter death, why not go jumping
off a Brooklyn bridge, not this foul Serbian building)
from the life that has happened to you, you
you, you…
in your eyes, shrouds and pits in life are ever due!
And happiness will come once too soon, once too late.
(It makes me sick…) sometimes again, what does equate
is the stunning start that has a happy ending.
No, it will not be…no one will be self-confessing
to their own eyes, tis’ nostalgia for the murder
from dungeons, washed stones pour into fall of water
striking and kicking again, for time to use its hammer.
‘Two lovers wandering down their violet way, down
their violet way…Two lovers wander’d on the brown
Stygian shore, the brown Stygian shore…’ until
your soul having tiny deaths’ mark shall be the will.
(Death is dead, death is dead.) Dwelling in you is rest
for good shall stay fixed, like the sun down at the west
on each day’s end. Rest assured that is the true sense
of gold mean till it’s last-ditch…your mood will run tense.
Once more, before it’s last-ditch, would your brain check hence?
Editor: Obinna Eruchie