Dragonfly dragonfly
with wings blue as the day
give me back my childhood
the heart and a ghost of love
take me back to those days of insanity

whatever is at child’s hand reaching
innocence, fallen at last
pitiless love to salivate my drawn-out days
seven wonders and more… more
with time to reconcile

There was a time each day was replete with splashy colours.
we gathered together to fly afar, above.
in the waters of our golden streams.
There was a time when you sang a song
the beautiful kiss of our precious dreams.

There was a time I dreamed a dream
Of a pool of light where rising sun sleep;
where no woman weeps
no friend’s betrayed
so, we met again and again

Seasons passed with a malice wearing silence
like a wicked thiefΒ in his wolverine gallop
I played on my own accord for a year or two
but swift enough to return to the shores of my childhood,
against time-worn pompous carrion

But flew he did! No pure drop of ta – land!
I fell at my feet as I were dead
a little dancer I never knew – a flower called peace and innocence
the missing, old age dump enemy.

The ice of prime survived my pain
the impressionable fall into the pit of pleasure-seeker.
so charm is all, but doomed and burdened call to find
the happiness on earth where happiness thrives

By all means, still, I hoped always be found
and I howled to the undisturbed tides, torn

“Give me back my dragonfly!!”

Somewhere there you held my soul
to hold me close as I grow old
and I knew that I was dying for so long
and I knew I was going to regret…

… that you never let me touch you
My unfulfilled love.