And before you go…

*** And before you go, may a powerful word shake up everyone’s hearts, and let the famed cities weep in despair – for the devil had come to Jerusalem! The holy arm of the Lord cannot touch that tale – I mock you– but only the devils! The devil, satyr, the shaitan and may blackContinue reading “And before you go…”

Happy to share that I have 3 poems published in the September issue of OPA Anthology 

The link on publication:   My poems “Freedom”, “…To die alone out of sight*and “Requiem for a mosquito, may your spirit rest upon these toxic fumes” were published in the September 2019 Issue of OPA. as well as some poems for the  OPA Anthology of Poetry 2019 ‘SPIRIT OF NATURE’ You’ll find the edition here:   AsContinue reading “Happy to share that I have 3 poems published in the September issue of OPA Anthology “

Calderon said: life is a dream

Calderon said: life is a dream A deceptive escort between two awakenings Neither life nor death Nor something third Neither life after death Nor death before life And it dies among hour hands Before it spends the night in our bodies Segismundo chained by precarious stars in vain Announces a great illusion And circles ofContinue reading “Calderon said: life is a dream”

The fate of the damned one, POEM 32, “The Darkness Will Understand”, Leila Samarrai

Blindness – the fate of the damned one Hush – the habit of a killer And dream – the wake of a mortal It could have been three men Merged with their eyes Even though one of them is the blind man To encounter a man with all his senses is a rarity Because theContinue reading “The fate of the damned one, POEM 32, “The Darkness Will Understand”, Leila Samarrai”

WALK DOWN THE BOULEVARD, Leila Samarrai, “The Second Birth Of Tragedy”

image found here These streets will never be close to me. The land is lonely, and the sky is A dreamy shroud the color of the bloodied stone. Wind taps on the bones, The birds gnash with their fangs. My imprisoned walk desultory from collisions with revived pillars. I walk the ghostly cage of feltContinue reading “WALK DOWN THE BOULEVARD, Leila Samarrai, “The Second Birth Of Tragedy””

IN THE AGE OF FALSE TONGUE, Leila Samarrai “The Second Birth Of Tragedy”

image found here Оh, stupidity, how many mouths have you fed And how many masks sweetened! How many spirits barred with rusty taste. To know false flattery, To smell infertile life; Mirrors to the wolf Galleys on lies, in trance. But I know that naked truth is a dressed lie, Magnificent urge watching the ruins.Continue reading “IN THE AGE OF FALSE TONGUE, Leila Samarrai “The Second Birth Of Tragedy””

IN THE AGE OF APOCALYPTIC WONDERFUL MIRACLES, Leila Samarrai “The Second Birth Of Tragedy”

image found here The word lost power, but the power lost not the word. From weary mouths rests in diction In the age of apocalyptic, wonderful miracles. The Grand Idiot will be fed by Earth And the meek will be buried under it. Miracles prevail over Courteous Miracles Courteous fire Courteous solitude From the cliffContinue reading “IN THE AGE OF APOCALYPTIC WONDERFUL MIRACLES, Leila Samarrai “The Second Birth Of Tragedy””

Scream and Whisper, Leila Samarrai

image found here May the screams echo. After that The silence will stumble like a whipped wild horse; A moment pilled inside the throat Overpowers the yowl and endless wind That whimpers down the roads of land we are condemned to In a deaf room, in a deaf night, by deaf ears The scream inContinue reading “Scream and Whisper, Leila Samarrai”

Listen, Leila Samarrai

image found here Listen Do not wait for the Sun without shadow It does not differ a harlot From a drowning woman upon a shore May the kiss of poetics Release your thigh to my lips May the shriek silence everything Except the gentleness of a fresh prepared rain I do not regret That theContinue reading “Listen, Leila Samarrai”

THE VISITOR, Pharos from the desert, Leila Samarrai

These are my times When the word is not answered with a word Harpies speak with the language of dervish With feces they color the paintings Of Baghdadi castles. Bring the fire, lighthouse keeper, And the moonlight, reflection of the night So ships see harbors Sufis meditate through the cry. Mold , visitor, the bowlsContinue reading “THE VISITOR, Pharos from the desert, Leila Samarrai”

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