POETIC PHOENIX,  Susan Joyner-Stumpf, dedicated this poem to – me.

POETIC PHOENIX (For Leila Mehdi) Serbian Sage Balkan Bia Rise from the Tower of Babel Where Shinar will again shine Corner wings of words To draw your sky-maps Structures strong will crumble Around you But so your Goddess-breath Shall hold the fortitudes From crushing such effervescence Be your own storm That reeks the sadness From your […]


WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS MAGAZINE JUNE 1, 2019, EDITION 23 POETESS OF THE MONTH Leila Mehdi SAMARRAI Thus spoke my mother. Seek no longer the soil Forgotten among the trees Under which you were born In the chosen night When the grasshoppers flew away from the terraces Into the heap of voices filled with hatred Directed towards me Silent […]

The bravery of authentic existence is a choice.

The poet is the one whose mind and heart are puzzled over things, many of them gave up. The poet, as the last Mohican, with his art, connects immortal to mortal, in the garden of the separating paths. The poet suggests that the beauty of the spirit of the only permanent value in relation to which everything else […]

Memento Mori, Sleeping Mathilde, Poetry written for novel’s sake

These are poems I wrote for the book “Sleeping Mathilde”, under the pen name Lothair The Dark, with a wish to conjure up a medieval mood and to create the dark atmosphere in the book. https://leilasamarrai.wordpress.com/2019/01/01/the-poems-i-wrote-for-the-book-sleeping-mathilde-under-the-pen-name-lothair-the-dark-soon-to-be-published/

I am Hyperborean, Atlantean

“It is a story of a woman dreaming of greatness and being her most actualized self, but is limited by her nationality.”, Pamela Sinicrope I live in a country where the sun never sets; Eratosthenes and Pliny, they write stories about me; Waiting for me to show up In a world that really does exist, In […]

 Leila Samarrai: Literature in Serbia only exists at the level of gossip

LS: Man is in his own microcosm akin to a personal box, with poetry as its lid which it can defend itself from the world; which can be opened in desire to meet something wider than your own personal reach.

Gilda, The Serial Kitchen Killer

I’m Gilda! I get up! I glitter! I cook. Lunch lounges under laughing chandeliers. They smile back and the knife blades beam in luminescent light. They illuminate my garish gilded plates. Light light everywhere! Plates talk as they hop and bounce Feed us! Eat us! Kill us! Polish, polish me, my Nazi! Dinner time! Play […]

It is ALL in there, only that it remains hidden on display in… pavilions! in the book of the moment, at the given moment in the humble meekness Pureness. where’s the window’s  skin is far too thin for the wicked weather Painstakingly quivering with fury… stammering and iced moments, (Add a thousand and so more) Who sits near you, hearing you touching you, a slow […]

Conversation with Solitude

image: https://bookofsolitude.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/in-conversation-frank-souler/ If you’d let me tell you a nice thing or two the Word will not be melted, as breath into the wind. But my words will cower in the face of You. as parrots’ feathers looking around to see where to Fly, stop time, paint me a pretty picture You are disappointed, as I […]

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