To recognise the limbs with humour
no, understand against the evil sheeps
One, two…
Under the guidance of a snoring wolf
my eyes agape, bloody, were lamentations
so far punished by snoring
of my Wolfen neighbour

It is Ere ere
Ere against the leering snort
Past the grey tumultuous night
three, four…. evil born sheep
quenching the dying chamber of eyes
(sound of snoring)
Snorer set growls drolling.
no tyrant shall blast
his sweet nighthood peace.

A crescent-shaped steel
Ghastly hee-hee-hee
bold and azure.
Vultures at the snoring spirit
loud roared sulphurous hyena
In the throes of anguish growl

Sounded like a dreary doom
sounded like a surcharged wall
through rattan sought thus led to Ere
again unseen forever snoring
Bleeding ear.

to find no place for rest
to abhorrent steadfastness of sweet hope,
snorer shall taste my pain and my tears,
that while my footsteps inebriate
and with pomp fate… ah!

This knife is my witness…
Once I loved that man,
cacophonies fade out
awaken, whoreson.

As I gaze upon his vocal cords
a conquered deed worst of deadly might
the scarlet blossoms in drop of blood

And do not drop in beneath the dying flute
submerged in knife, darkest night
snorer dark and wild is smiling around the
reedlike chair
when paradisial winds…

In readiness, a knife dragged the seest
dropsy, I descend down into the dream
finally in peace

undisturbed tomb of he tit–amulet in my madhouse.