Fie oh an’t fie

Fie oh an’t fie!

a musical silence, the initial harmony.

discord and struggle, during a white circle,

is babbling some made-up tune

O, the music!

o, the oomph!

stains stains stains

black black black

it’s a livin ‘.

Symbolic dance macabrei,

countless murders,suicides, apparitions,

disturbing unfolding of images at a furious pace,

chasing the dead, the dead, prostitutes,

burning angels and gods,digging through graves,

reviving the underworld,all those armies in retreat,

that blood and fires,the bells

And also the arson
and also the madness of a frantic chase,

Beethoven is played, drinking expensive cognacs

smelling Burmese herbs and caressing stuffed skins.

and that life was lost.

At the royal fair distorted Turkish

Hungarism and Anglicism

in Suleiman’s Palace a special “hu”

they are jumpy transitions,a feature

of that one-act play.

At a furious pace, hilarious noise


and eerie silence alternate,wild dance and terrified stiffness,

punches and hugs,laughter and tears,life and death,

light and darkness,

and that’s life.

A wild drunken wheel roars through the stage,

sucking in people type of a hurricane,horses,

black dogs, beasts from the menagerie,

and, finally, a chorus of more vampiric dead,

suicides from Toledo’s wheel

It’s a part of Life

A suffocating song of horribly black spots

your life was a fight with beasts

believe it! snakes, hyenas and wolves

watch them grin and sing

a curse upon it!

In in a low voice….

© Leila Samarrai

Photo Credit: Ilene Meyer