Revenge is wonderful if the sound is good, if God and the sacred tin pot give tact for the show.
Oh, incorrect, inaccurate, revenge is suitable for others to take tempo, harmony, imposing themselves, saluting their heads, once torturers, they are just devoted victims.
They will ring instead of recognition, respect is expressed by duplicates, falsified children, the former children who ring, only adults or God has no more time to open them.
Like a leaf that has dropped out of the machine, so the avenger is preparing for a path that will bring it all in line.

“The Pigs Have Flown, now what?”, Leila Samarrai, 2014

Never trust a poet who can’t use his swears properly.

In poetry, never argue with your ex-lovers.

The poem is a universal message of the exquisite selection of the separation of the vanity.

The true poet is capable to put the whole universe in his poem or sometimes even in just one single verse.

The best literature and the purpose of art is the survival of the human race.

Art is a game. Poetry is a game. At the end of the day, either
you know how to play or not…

A tip for a writer during the creation of a masterpiece:
Turn off your brain and write.

In poetry, always open your heart. There is no poetry without bloodshed.

The consequences of global climate change: After the rain the sun will not shine again.