Frappadingue’s song

I haven’t kept kalendarium for kiloannum

Of all my thousand years

each they is more a sullen than the utopia before

it is pale shadow and growing paler


or corrupt data,

or transcription errors

came slowly overshadowing

All the world over that slowly dies.

No a race renowned of old have survived

and all the faces of tombstones are long gone

soon all the Shade Kings in the world will fall

the road are peopled with the fiends unmasked.

Frappadingue’s veil, ground connectors,

coronapocalypse towing whorled truck

and sky touchers carrying ack-ack gun

ack ack

looking for eye-stinging venom and sanguineous blood

Earth Candle, Matchstick.



the blue poison dart frogs habitat

A constellation of deranged chanting,

cheerleading pom poms.

A constellation of bondservant spreading Big Oaf’s


within a year there were holocaust on the phizog

on the moue

on lunges

on breather

on giblets

all your psyche

all your great gray matter

Behold the valley of slaughter

there has been flesh-eating

flesh-eating is the great fear

I wiggle

From clime to clime

Reeled into the canyon of maim

With mask, blade, and spear

Peace among nations, peace in our pigsties, acquires, bags, obtains, androids,

piece in our liberty and peace in the house of slaves.

Stay safe.

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