Author’s Note on “Resurrection 2”

we live in the eternal Sisyphus loop of rediscovering our own stone, in rooms where broken chairs stumble and people with a blind spot in their brains humiliate come out of the dungeons of consumerism, resurrecting again and again to preserve that little bit of humanity

the invitations of Jerusalem were spent
faded desert caravans
cold Siberian singers
Kentucky chickens died
I don’t know what happened to reason

we are all Zombie Lazarus in maintaining decency in moving and pushing stones, lime in hair and souls in nose … and other abominations.
Narcissus drowned long ago in a beloved lake.

illusions, projections… what could not be realized was dreamed up, what was objectively allowed was created.

effort to effort, will to will
method, procedure, instruction and effect
a quick penny and finally a stake

clean bill and dirty laundry,
poisonous milk conclusions
four walls and a bastard, all that fever
and all around, emptiness, is hungry, exhausted

deadly health loans and lighthouses
the only thing left of the renaissance
forced union-voluntary spacing

and calling witnesses

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